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Lake Holiday is a private, recreational community.

In October of 2014, Lake Holiday Utilities was merged into Utility Services of Illinois ("USI"). Almost immediately, USI requested an extremely high rate increase. For example, it was proposed that the lowest monthly fee be raised from $5.22 per month to $24.73 per month. The usage charge requested by USI was $7.00 per 1,000 gallons, an increase of more than 47% from the usage charge of $4.76.
The Board of the Lake Holiday Property Owners Association was very concerned about these rate increases, and formed a committee to address the requested increases. It was originally thought that the primary approach would be a letter writing campaign. Ultimately, a property owner with experience in regulatory matters suggested that the Association hire a lawyer to represent the LHPOA before the Illinois Commerce Commission, which will hear and decide the rate increase request. Jon Bouxsein, the property manager, spoke with some other lake associations, and it was recommended that the Board speak with a lawyer who already represented two other associations. This attorney agreed to represent LHPOA before the ICC. Because he had already submitted briefs for his other clients, the attorney is only charging LHPOA for work that is done after LHPOA was allowed to intervene in the case. Moreover, the cost is being split three ways. It is anticipated that the cost will be less than $4,000, for an average of $2 per household, a cost that likely will be covered by our current budget.
What can you as a property owner do to help combat the proposed rate increase? You can comment on the proposal. The best way to do this is on the Commission's website. The website generally is After clicking on Public Utility, go to the section for Consumers, under which you can select "Comment on a case." Our case number is: 14-0741. The direct link is below:

Comment on water increase
Please be sure to include any special factors that affect you, such as whether you are retired or on a fixed income. If your home on Lake Holiday is a second home, you might comment on how you do not use water for large portions of the year, and thus the proposed minimum monthly charge unfairly represents a dramatic increase for you, while not impacting USI's costs in any way.
Members who have already commented say that the website generally and the comment portion specifically are easy to navigate. If you prefer, you can also write to the commission at: Illinois Commerce Commission, 527 East Capitol Avenue, Springfield, Illinois 62701. However, it appears that the Commission prefers electronic communications. Moreover, commenting on the website is much faster, and time is a consideration, as the Commission is scheduled to rule on August 4, 2015.
As noted earlier, the LHPOA committee had considered drafting a form letter. However, the committee chairman was advised that Commission members actually read each letter, and thus individual letters would likely have more impact than a form. You are therefore encouraged to write your own comments on the ICC website. Comments that have already been made can be seen there, and maybe that will help give you a starting point.
If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Jay Wiegman

Welcome to the official website of Lake Holiday Property Owners Association. The only website sponsored by Lake Holiday.

Lake Holiday is a friendly residential community surrounding a beautiful 328 acre-manmade lake. Members enjoy excellent swimming, boating, and fishing, located in LaSalle County, between Sandwich and Somonauk. Some of the amenities that members enjoy are: 2 swimming beaches, picnic areas, numerous playgrounds and a multi purpose court. Some of the new amenities are docks, a frisbee golf course, skate park, fishing piers and a dog park.

The lodge located at Beach I serves the property owners as a gathering place for meetings and other member events. A full service Marina is also available.

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